Bloomfield Presbyterian, Belfast

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Bloomfield Church is typical of many of its type, having a large gallery around three sides of the building, which can seat up to 700.
The Phoenix replaces a 1948 Evans & Barr which had suffered a disastrous rebuild by a local firm, which in only 20 years
had rendered well over 60% of the notes not working at all. This, combined with a reordering of the Chancel area
and fitting of a disabled lift within the organ chamber, meant that a Phoenix was the only real solution.

General view from the ecclesiastical SE,
with the console in the foreground
This was Phoenix NI's first real collaboration with the well known organ builders' suppliers Renatus ( and we certainly hope it will not be the last. The quality of their work is exemplary in all respects, and when we first took delivery of this fine console, all we really did was touch and stroke it. It really is a most beautiful piece of furniture, and constantly invites this tactile response. The photos here - in particular the close ups - can only reveal some of the quality, but a visit is the ultimate experience. This organ also has the largest bass horn in the country, over twenty feet in length, with a mouth perimeter of over thirteen feet. It reproduces a 32' bottom CCCC (16Hz) note effortlessly, and we at Phoenix Organs NI are very proud of this instrument, both from a visual and aural point of view, and are more than happy to show it to anyone who expresses an interest, regardless of whether they are in the market or not.

Two general views of the console showing the co-ordinated design approach.
Stained & natural oak, with grenadilla knobs, switch panels and inlays.
The oak console was stained to match
the pine pews, and uses solid panels.
That is my son helping at the flight deck.

The photos below go some way to showing the quality of finish , which is just fabulous. The way parts fit together without gaps,
the smooth transition from one material to the next, and the unique hand-turned grenadilla stop-knobs with simulated ivory inserts.


Curved toe sweep with brass pistons
Walnut capped sharps, beech naturals
and cast aluminium expression pedals

Vertical view up through the opening in the
first floor of the organ (speaker) chamber
showing the largest bass horn in the country

Close up of keys and piston rails with
wood-core acrylic covered keys
surrounds and piston rails
All the mounting plates for on/off switches, displays and builder's nameplate are solid grenadilla