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Most, if not all, pipe organ builders build bespoke organs. They have no such thing as a "standard range". Neither do we, because we believe that each situation is different, and requires the right instrument for the surroundings. The electronic organ industry has been trying to emulate as closely as possible the "King of Instruments" with all its might for over 30 years, and we feel the one thing that a lot of manufacturers have missed is the fact that no two instruments of similar size - even from the same builder - sound in any way the same.

Old-world craftsmanship and the highest standards of excellence characterize the design and construction of our consoles, using traditional pipe organ components. Everything about a Phoenix Organ makes it authentic to its pipe organ counterpart. The sounds produced by the instrument, along with the look and feel of the console, will convince you that you are playing a truly fine pipe organ, and one that you will enjoy playing over and over again.

We believe that our instruments are the best substitute for the real thing. Indeed they are better than a bad pipe organ. We have a solid musical background within the company and all our staff are players. We have the necessary expertise to help you put together a specification which will embody musicality and flexibility, and which will be unique to your set of circumstances.

Our organs have a unique flexibility in that it is very easy to make changes even after the organ has been built. Stops can be changed or added, as can piston functions, mixture compositions, and of course our voicing software has market leading flexibility.

Our ultimate goal is to build you the best possible musical instrument which your circumstances permit, one that will give you endless hours of enjoyment, one that will fulfil your particular desires - be they Baroque, Romantic, Gallic or Modern.

A Phoenix Organ will fulfil all these and much more. Above all it will look, feel, sound and play just like the real thing.

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