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4 March 2013

Well, it's happened, the opening recital on the St Peter's organ, that is. The event was a great success,
and this was due in no small part to Paul Hale who was at the console and did us proud! [picture here]
At the reception several audience members were asking when the next event was going to take place!
The use of large screens - in this case two, one on the hands and another on the feet - helped to make the
experience come alive for many of the audience. They just didn't realise that quite so much goes on, and
when he came right down into the middle of the audience to chat to them, his congeniality was refreshing.

This was the first time that I had really sat down and listened to the organ for any length of time - of course
we listen a lot during regulation and balancing, but this is often for very specific things, and is also normally
done moving about the building listening to a short snippet being repeated via the built-in MIDI recorder.

We have just completed the first set of recordings of this organ, and you can hear it on the Audio Page
and are immensely proud of it. We really do believe that it is a landmark within the digital organ industry.
We also recorded the Priory Singers' Choral Evensong a few days afterwards, and some of the accompanied
pieces are on the Audio Page including Howells' St Paul's Evening Canticles, part of Ps 119, the closing Hymn
(using the Parry tune "Rustington") and Howells' Psalm Prelude "de profundis" (complete with choir procession!).
More recordings will follow in a few weeks' time - we are waiting for the weather to re-stabilize as we had to tune
the three "real" reed stops during a particularly cold snap for Paul's recital and they're now a bit flat and unstable.

o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o - o

We are still involved in the digital enhancement of two fairly prominent pipe organs in the province, and are just
embarking on two new and slightly "unconventional" medium sized 2 manual instruments here in County Antrim.
Full details of these organs will follow soon, and they will of course incorporate all of our new high resolution stops.
Also nearing completion is a three manual domestic music room organ with fifty four speaking stops...

All of our recorded catalogue continues to be available online - mostly as high quality 160k or 192k mp3 files,
and we would encourage you to browse through these on the Audio Page at your leisure. At some point we will
have to take the older stuff down, but we are changing ISP to give us much more online storage.


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