St. Mark's Parish Church, Belfast

The pipe organ in St. Mark's is a four manual Compton, with over 100 stops and 1000 pipes approximately.Put another way, the Swell
has five ranks, and the Great has seven ranks. The Pedal, Choir and Solo are derived from these twelve ranks, plus 17 tubular bells.
There is also a working Polyphone Cube which produces a wonderful BBBB and AAAA# but then falls off a bit into the lower regions.
It is nevertheless a super example of this type of stop, which is now all too rare, certainly on this island.

Phoenix's initial involvement was to provide coupling, capture and single cable multiplex transmission for this job - which is actually
extremelycomplicated when finely analyzed. In any event Phoenix rose to this challenge, and we can now confidently say that we can
build a couplingsystem for any size of organ, and further to that, it can be programmed and reprogrammed very easily from what is
basically a text file on site.We were also asked to provide a 32' reed, as most of the hardware was already in the job.

The next involvement was when the organ was taken out of action for phase two of the refurbishment contract, which concerned the
releathering of all the pneumatics in the soundboards. At this point we were approached and asked to provide the necessary extra
hardware to allow the church to continue with their music programme and still use their Compton console to provide the organ.
This we did, and the endresult has surprised - even fooled - a number of people.

The spec and picture of the Compton may be found by following this link.
The spec of the digital organ is reproduced below.

THIS ORGAN HAS JUST BEEN RECORDED. For details see home page.

Double Diapason 16' Diapason 8' Praestant 8' Clarinet 8' Sub Bass 32'
Bourdon 16' Nachthorn 8'  Rohr Flute 8' Vox Humana 8' Open Wood 16'
Open Diapason I 8' Salicional 8'  Principal 4' Trombone 16' Principal 16'
Open Diapason II 8' Voix Celestes II 8'  Koppel Flute 4' Tuba 8' Bourdon 16'
Claribel Flute 8' Principal 4'  Nazard 2 2/3' Clarion 4' Octave 8'
Stopped Diapason 8' Chimney Flute 4'  Octave 2' Chamade 8' Bass Flute 8'
Quint 5 1/3' Mixture III Block Flute 2' Chamade 4' Fifteenth 4'
Octave 4' Basson 16' Tierce 1 3/5' Avon Calling 8' Mixture V
Harmonic flute 4' Trompette 8'    Tremulant       Contra Bombarde 32'
Fifteenth 2' Basson-Hautbois 8'    Solo to Choir       Bombarde 16'
Seventeenth 1 3/5' Clairon 4'     Swell to Choir       Fagotto 16'
Fourniture IV    Octave      Great to Choir          Solo to Pedal  
Trumpet 8'    Sub Octave              Swell to Pedal  
Clarion 4'    Tremulant              Great to Pedal  
   Tremulant                  Choir to Pedal  
   Swell to Great                  
   Solo to Great                  
Thumb Pistons Toe Pistons Midi Audio Miscellaneous
Swell 8 Pedal 8 Record   100W Channels 8 Equal temperament  
Great 8     Replay       Werkmeister  
Positive 8     Assignable outs for       Vallotti  
Solo 8 Reversibles     each keyboard       Silbermann  
General 8 Swell - Great              
Sequence Next 2 Great - Pedal              
Main Couplers 8