4 manual House Organ, Belfast

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This organ is a rebuild of the old hire organ, which had undergone several changes over the years.
It was time to put the organ to better use rather than simply waiting for the all too infrequent hire outings.
It is now played nearly every day, and gets updated with new samples or occasional stop changes as required

Well first of all you have to get the organ to its destination....

As this was a four manual organ,
we had to use a four manual BMW
- this is the only one we know of in the country - if not the world!

A mix of stained & natural oak maintains visual interest

The general pistons are above the Solo keys with the necessary digital displays nestling behind a smoked perspex panel



General view of the organ in its corner of the music room.

The proud owner tries it out for the first time

We can't actually show you the smile on his face when he eventually was allowed to turn the wick up, but you know the way all organists love to "pull out the thirty two foot"... ... but here's the "smile" on his wife Susie's face when he was cookin' at Gas Mark 10

Then he put in all the loud stops and made quiet sounds

Much nicer