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Standard Features Common to all instruments

Tuning range up or down one half semitone, displaying -64 at flattest, 00 at mid point & 63 at sharpest
Transposition range is up or down three semitones
Some common control functions like Piston coupling and Auto Pedal can be controlled either by piston input or stop input
4 different specifications with different samples for each stop if you wish
4 Temperaments as standard - Equal - Vallotti - Silbermann - Werckmeister - others are possible
Each spec can have either the Choir or Great as lowest keyboard for authentic French performance
Programmable sound delays for each department to simulate some being further away than others
- works in 8 feet steps from 0 - 100 feet - authentic acoustic rendition of antiphonal divisions
MIDI Out channel and MIDI In channel assigned to each keyboard is programmable
MIDI Out 1 for recording to sequencer uses pre-coupled key data and is always sent along with stop & expression data.
MIDI Out 2 for connecting to sound module uses post-coupled key data only which is controlled by MIDI stops
- no stop data is sent on this port which can interfere with correct operation of modules. Relevant expression data is sent.
Discreet Digital Display Panel allows the player to adjust global settings such as Vol, Pitch, Transpose etc
All Display Panel parameters can be individually saved as defaults for next switch-on
Display Panel "wakes and displays" at time of adjustment, and resumes minimal display after 10 seconds
Integrated control of Lexicon MPX100 Reverb via MIDI direct from Display Panel - This allows adjustment of both level and time.
Other units may have limited functionality depending on their own internal MIDI implementation (or lack of it).
"Dangerous" functions such as transpose indicate red when active - ie SHARP or FLAT
Integrated BRIDE and VESTRY warning lamps - to alleviate neck strain and prevent LH playing in 5 sharps & RH in 3 flats
Expression pedals affect brightness as well as volume of sound, and both amounts are fully adjustable
Best quality high rigidity METAL-FRAMED keyboards with top resistance touch standard, wood core keys optional
Pedalboards use Hall semiconductor switches - no moving parts AT ALL for ultimate reliability
(except for the pedal and attached magnet of course)
Any piston can be easily programmed to take on any function giving ultimate flexbility
Any stop on the organ can be programmed to be reversed by any piston
General Cancel can be programmed to include or exclude any stops such as piston couplers or Auto Pedal

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