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Building of organs brings together many different crafts.  By far the largest proportion of work and indeed cost goes into the woodwork of the organ.  If you stop and consider the console of any organ that you are familiar with, the over-riding material which is everywhere is wood.  The console is a piece of furniture, as handsomely finished as anything which would grace your dining room and you sit on a solid wooden seat which must stand the rigours of organists - including the heavyweights - the keys sit on a table far thicker and more rigid than an average dining table, and this table supports anything up to 75% of the total weight of the console.  Because of all these and many other factors, we get our consoles made to our own design by a well established firm of organ builders.  At first we looked at the possibility of manufacturing our own consoles, but we felt that certainly in the forseeable future, the experience of a well established firm would work to everybody's mutual benefit.

Thus we are able to build in the many years of craftsmens' experience and knowledge into a Phoenix Organ's console.

Everything about a Phoenix Organ makes it authentic to its pipe organ counterpart.  Our system has been designed from the “ground up”, with no technical pre-conceptions, and is the most flexible on the market today.  Our goal is to build for you the best possible musical instrument that will meet your particular needs.  Our system can provide whatever tonal palette you wish - be it Baroque, Romantic, French, English, American or your own eclectic mix.  Our designers can assist you in ensuring that the instrument has musical integrity and meets your musical requirements.  Phoenix staff have extensive experience, and can design instruments for liturgical or concert use.

Old-world craftsmanship and the highest standards of excellence characterise the design and construction of our consoles, using exactly the same components as our pipe organ-building counterparts.  The electronic elements of our organs are also built to the highest standards and fully tested before shipping.  We use standard electronic components to ensure a their on-going availability.  The sounds emanating from the instrument, along with the look and feel of the console, will convince you that you are playing a truly fine pipe organ, one that you will enjoy playing over and over again.

We believe that our instruments are the best substitute for the real thing. 

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