St Mary's Church, Berry St. Belfast

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This beautiful church, one of the oldest in Belfast, once housed a large three manual pipe organ, reputedly by John White of Dublin. There are few members of the congregation who can remember any pipe organ at all, and it seems that the 1984 Johannus replaced a much earlier Hammond. Our work was simply to fit new keyboards, new stops, new pistons, new sound generation system, new amplifiers - in fact a totally new organ - into the 20 year old Johannus console, which was of sound enough construction, in spite of the sort of retro styling! Just look at that subtle music desk! However the absolutely glorious three second acoustic more than makes up for any visual difficulties.

Close up of keys and piston rails
160 kb, (768 x 1024)

Side view of console.
164 kb, (1024 x 768)

Bird's eye view.
147 kb, (735 x 1003)

Internal view of "the works", with
soundcards and preamps top,
and the eight amplifiers below.
181 kb, (1021 x 667)

.. And we also fitted new loudspeakers, four 12" cabinets, three15" cabinets, which are shown here, but are actually placed well out of the way (and out of sight, along with the two 18" units!) ...

... in the old choir robing area at the back of the gallery, which is no longer used ...